Born from a love of the sea, nurtured from a love of the skin

Aalgo brings skin wellbeing from the powerful properties of seaweed

Aalgo is a powdered, wild, organic seaweed with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Aalgo naturally rehydrates, deep-cleanses and exfoliates the skin



I have tried everything else but this has really helped reduce my inflammation and itchiness on my hands. Whenever I feel the urge to itch I use Aalgo which definitely soothes the skin as mentioned.

Hifza K - Nov'21


I suffered from severe scalp psoriasis for over 40 years. Once i discovered this remedy I was able to put my condition into complete remission within 4-6 weeks. As long as I use the "shampoo" (scalp treatment) regularly every second or third day my scalp is completely clear, no flakes, almost no itching, none of the awful symptoms of scalp psoriasis. This works better than any pharmaceutical products--even synthetic Vitamin D cream.

Michael K - Sep '21


My son had a very bad eczema since he was a baby...We simply followed the instructions stated. You’ll notice the effect immediately after use. We could not believe it. Since then, my son’s skin has always been smooth and eczema never flared up ever again even to date that my son is now 7 years of age...My husband and I are extremely thankful for Aalgo. ❤️🙏 Aalgo is safe, proven and reasonably priced. 

Joy I - Jun'21

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