Moyle Seaweed Shampoo Bar

Moyle Seaweed Shampoo Bar

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Our ancient Cold Pressed Persian recipe containing Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, produces a luxurious hand made shampoo bar. It is hand stirred in small batches with Aalgo seaweed powder added at the last minute, then hand cut, allowed to age for a couple of months and finally individually wrapped giving you the best possible shampoo.

Instructions for use: Wash your hair then rinse it, wash your hair a second time and rinse it and if you have long hair use a little conditioner.

Our luxurious hand made soap is SLS, Paraben, Lanolin, Dairy Free and Fragrance Free.

Our handmade soap suits all skin types and has been specifically designed to suit sensitive skin most especially eczema/dermatitis and psoriasis being particularly good for dermatitis or dyshidrosis, also known as dyshidrotic eczema or pompholyx on the hands especially when used in conjunction with our seaweed. Also perfect for babies. Vegan friendly. The soap will not damage the environment.