about us

Aalgo is a family owned and operated business, with its origin stemming from a family ailment of very bad eczema.

From a baby Tom suffered from very debilitating and itchy eczema. Having tried every known medication and diet, with no success, his parents brought him to Switzerland and to the US to seek other treatments. Unfortunately to no avail.

The only relief from the irritation was when his family spent the summer swimming daily in the sea. However, upon return from summer holidays and the start of school it would be back worse than ever.

As he got older the problem got progressively worse with the only relief coming when he swam in the sea, which in Ireland is a little chilly in the winter months!!

During the 80's, already being in the seaweed business, he decided to try and "bring the ocean home". After a couple of years of experimentation with different seaweeds and quantities he came up with a mix of seaweeds that finally worked! "Aalgo was born". Since then he does not have a mark on him and his skin has been totally clear for over 29 years.

For over 29 years now we have shared the benefit of Aalgo's natural formula through a limited number of health spas, health shops, health farms, exhibitions, and now predominantly on the internet.

What makes our product so special?

The sea is the source of many healing advantages, as a result we at Aalgo aim to prevent people, children in particular, from suffering the excruciating pain, irritability, sleeplessness and itching brought about by many skin disorders.

In order to provide the best quality product our powder is 100% organic seaweed taken from naturally cultivated seaweed beds which are changed on a regular basis to maintain our position as the market leader in our field.