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Dry skin is a common irritation for many people.

Aalgo, 100% Seaweed with nothing added and nothing taken away, is absorbed through the pores and rehydrates skin naturally from within.

Soak in a luke warm Aalgo bath and feel the dead skin cells exfoliate away.

For extremely dry skin apply Aalgo as a paste covering with cling film for about fifteen minutes and remove by soaking in a luke warm Aalgo bath 

Aalgo Bath for Aches & Pains

As far as we can go back in the writings on seaweed it has always been known for relieving general aches and especially the pain of arthritis… 

We suggest a warm bath with two large serving spoons of Aalgo added.
Have a long soak in the bath and you will be amazed at the feeling of immediate relief.
With arthritis do this daily as it only keeps the pain of arthritis at bay for about 24 hours.

When you get out of the bath pat yourself dry, do not rub, this will leave an invisible residue of Aalgo on your skin which you will continue to absorb through your pores. 

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