How to use Aalgo as a Treatment for Psoriasis

How to use Aalgo as a Treatment for Psoriasis



Aalgo is a very gentle treatment that can be used on the body, face and scalp for psoriasis. By being used daily the red blotches will gradually decrease resulting in clear skin.


Seaweed contains numerous vitamins and minerals. The B Vitamins found in seaweed have anti-inflammatory properties which in turn reduce the psoriasis. Seaweed’s soothing affect calms the irritation allowing the skin to heal. Used in the bath, this not only helps your skin but relaxes the muscles resulting in deep relaxation. 




Start off by mixing some Aalgo with hot water to a paste to apply on the affected areas. Wait until it has cooled to blood temp though! When ready apply to psoriasis on the body and wrap the area with cling film.




                               This is NOT to be used this way on the face.

Sit back relax and leave the applied seaweed on for approx 45mins.

Just before the time is up run a luke warm bath and sieve 2 tablespoons of the Aalgo into your bath water.

In the bath gently remove the paste with a sponge. You will notice the Aalgo has removed all the dead, dry skin, leaving bright reddish blotches.


Now it’s time to relax!

Lie back in your bath and soak the muscles at the back of the neck in the water.

Soak in the bath for 20mins to really reap the benefits.

Have an Aalgo seaweed bath daily in luke warm water until your psoriasis is cleared. This length of time varies dependent on the severity of the psoriasis but on average at least four weeks.

Remember you only need to apply the paste the very first day!!


Try not to shower daily as showers naturally dry out the skin
Soak in the bath for a minimum of 20 mins to really relax the body
When getting out of the bath, it is best to pat your skin dry allowing the Aalgo residue to continue working on your skin throughout the day/night.
Drinking still water will assist in reducing any toxins in the body. About 8 glasses daily is recommended.

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Published August 2019



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