Dealing with Stress during Self Isolation

Many of us are prone to different levels of stress and anxiety.

The current isolation that has arrived on our doorstep has seen stress and tension globally rise, in I’m sure, every household.
Do you find the stress of this not only affects you emotionally, but your skin, or your sleep, your mood and of course your family?

Although this is easier said than done, the uncertainty and timeframe of this isolation period means we all need to find a way to ensure the stress and panic doesn’t affect our everyday lives.

Here are a few tips on how we can all de-stress during this time:


Exercise gets your happy hormones working like nothing else, and during times like this, when finding self-motivation is hardest, is when it is needed most. Even 20mins a day will make the world of difference to your mood, how your body feels and to your energy levels. This can be any form of exercise; whether it’s a walk around your garden, jumping Jacks in your living room, doing PE With Joe every morning, using your children’s skipping rope in your kitchen… the list is endless to help maintain a happy body and a happy mind. 

If you have always wanted to start yoga but have never got around to it, this is the best time possible. There are online classes everywhere and it is incredible for relaxing the mind yet pushing the body. You feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated all at the same time.



Even though we may feel like we are not doing a lot, getting through these days of isolation is a lot, and be proud for achieving it. Throughout these days, whether you are super busy or painfully bored, try to take some time to relax. 


A long soak in an Aalgo bath will relax all the muscles in your body, it will calm your mind from racing around, and allow you to just be and enjoy that. Not only this, if you are finding this stress is affecting your skin with flare ups of eczema or psoriasis - an Aalgo bath will exfoliate away the dry, irritated, red skin and with continuous use will keep it away.  


Laughter strengthens your immune system and boosts your mood, so even if you are on your own, do what you can to laugh. Laugh out loud!! Watch stand-up comedy, old school movies, new movies, tickle your kids or even yourselves to hear that infectious laughter. Play silly jokes on each other, call those on their own and tell them jokes.

They have always said Laughter is the best medicine, and I believe this 100%!


It is important during this time to find a moment to be still. Meditation creates an emotionally calm and mentally clear time for you. A time to clear away all the stress and worry of this current pandemic, and to focus on the still.

Not only does meditation clear the mind but it helps reduce all the negativity we are hearing right now, all the news and social media. It helps us focus on what we are doing daily and the good in that.


If you’re anything like me, you will be finding it hard not to snack all the time right now. I find sugar is the worst thing for me at the moment as I can’t get out and use up all the energy it leaves me with, and then I’m super tired after a while for no reason. Try to eat a lot of vegetables, drink tonnes of water and eat lighter foods to prevent tiredness during the day.


This time is hard on each and every single one of us, we are all in very different positions but also the same boat. The most important thing during all of this is to remember to give yourself (and those you’re isolated with) a break! We are humans who are not naturally isolated. There is a lot of unknown and so the key is to be kind to yourself, don’t expect to achieve so much during this uncertain time.

It’s ok to look after yourself, have an Aalgo facial, maybe an Aalgo footspa with a drink, a warm body wrap, or just chill on front of the TV.



Remember it’s alright to feel good, but yes, it is definitely ok to feel bad too. There are so many emotions we are all going through right now and the pressure to feel positive can be very overwhelming, so again give yourself a break, and take each day as it comes and breathe.

It’s good to remember it’s a little out of our hands right now so remember to look up at the sky and smile at the world 💚💚💚


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Published April 2020


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