Coronavirus - Advice on protecting sensitive hands


With the continuous advice on frequent hand washing and use of sanitisers to reduce the risk of Coronavirus, we have had a number of enquiries regarding the effect this is having on those with dry skin, children and adults with eczema on their hands, babies with eczema on their hands and wrists, and those with dermatitis.

The best way to reduce the transmission of coronavirus is hand washing, however this can often leave our hands sore, red, cracked, and even result in bleeding. We do not recommend you stop hand washing, as at this time it is imperative, however we can advise on a few tips to reduce the irritation that comes with is:


1.If working from home, or at home a lot, leave a basin of water with a tablespoon of Aalgo in the water beside your sink. Every time you wash your hands, dip your hands in the Aalgo water. This will create a seaweed film of protection on your skin, healing the skin when its needed.


2.At night time, before bed soak your hands in a warm Aalgo hand spa (basin of warm water) for about 15mins, then pat the skin dry. All night long the seaweed will work to heal your skin from so many washes throughout the day.



3.For babies or children, bathe them in a luke warm Aalgo bath every night, this will heal any cry, flaky, red, sore skin. It will also work as a preventative should their skin be completely clear at the moment.


4.Do not use hot water when washing your hands, hot water dries out the skin making eczema or dermatitis more painful and scaly.


5.After washing your hands, ensure they are completely dried afterwards. Wet hands in this cold weather can make the skin weaker and more likely to crack.


6.If you feel you need to use sanitizers, remember this may irritate your eczema. As they all contain alcohol there are no eczema-friendly sanitizing gels unfortunately, so they will dry out your skin. Where possible dip hands in Aalgo as soon as possible after use.


7.Gloves are very helpful in colder temperatures as they help to prevent cracked skin from appearing.


We hope these few tips will help those of you finding this period extremely tough on your hands, and your little one’s hands.

Remember Aalgo is 100% Natural, Organic and so it will not affect your children’s skin negatively in any way.

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Published Mar 2020


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