7 Steps to Summer Skin

Silky, smooth summer skin is on everyone’s ‘Most Wanted’ list as the sun prepares to put his hat on and visit our shores once more. But can sublime summer skin really be that easy to achieve?


YES – with Aalgo’s ‘7 Steps to Summer Skin’!

 7 Steps to Summer Skin

1.       Exfoliate head to toe:

All that central heating and all those additional layers you’ve been embracing throughout the Winter months may have left your skin looking dry and scaly. Our Aalgo products are a natural exfoliant so take us in the bath or shower with you and start shedding those dead skin cells and unclogging pores.


2.       Moisturise the skin:

Once the skin has been exfoliated, it’s vital to replenish it with a rich moisturiser. There are various moisturising brands out there to choose from that can be lavishly applied to your skin; some are made from natural products, some contain SPF, some contain self tanning ingredients. But there are also products out there that can moisturise your skin whilst bathing – like Aalgo for Dry Skin (£35.00). Bathing in Aalgo’s ‘For Dry Skin’ seaweed powder, for 20 minutes every day, will return visible results within seven days.


3.       Hydrate the body:

Moisturising the skin is a vital component to achieving a silky, smooth complexion but hydrating the body from the inside out is just as important. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day – this will help flush the body of toxins.


4.       Cleanse the face:

The last thing you’ll want to do on a hot, sunny day is cover your face with heavy make-up so to have the confidence to go make-up free, you’ll need a clean, clear complexion. How can you get that? With Aalgo's Facial (£12.50). Deep cleansing the face with an Aalgo seaweed mask will help you unclog pores, decrease redness in the skin, remove blackheads and prevent further breakouts.


5.       Swap your cosmetics:

When the weather is warm, you wear less and lighter layers so apply the same rule to your skin. If your make up products are rich a creamy, they can cause an oily build up on the skin – try swapping them for liquid based products that will let the skin breathe a bit more.  Same goes for your cleansing products – change to a foaming face instead of your usual creamy cleanser.


6.       Dry body brush:

Invest in a natural bristled body brush or long handled loofah. Starting from your ankle, make slow circular motions up the legs, continuing on to the rest of the body (avoiding the neck and face areas). Dry body brushing helps improve muscle tone and blood circulation, sheds dead skin cells and fights cellulite, as well as tackling nasty and painful ingrown hairs.


7.       Focus on fancy feet:

Summer is flip-flop season so you’ll want to ensure your feet are fancy and flawless. Add 1 tablespoon of Aalgo's Hands & Feet (£21.00) to your foot spa or a basin of water and bath for 20 minutes to combat dry skin. Using the same product, you can also tackle cracked heels. With the powder, form a paste substance and cover the affected area; wrap feet loosely with cling film then place in a pair of socks overnight*. Rinse in the morning and pat dry.

 (*Diabetics should not leave this treatment on for any longer than 30 minutes)