12 Health Benefits of Seaweed Powder for your skin and hair

For me there’s nothing like that energised feeling after a day spent at the beach…my mind is clear, my skin feels fresh and purified, my salt sprayed hair (if not a little sandy) feels strong, loaded with minerals, any aches and pains have been washed away leaving my whole body feeling relaxed and revived.

Ones of the worlds greatest natural resources growing in abundance in our oceans is seaweed, it's a natural source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal and renew the skin and hair.

The healing properties of seaweed have been known for centuries, especially for our skin and body. Aalgo was born from a desire to share the incredible healing benefits of seaweed after realising the connection between daily sea swims on summer holidays on Ireland's West Coast with the healing of a severe skin disorder eczema. 

We've been growing and evolving for nearly three decades to harness the power of the ocean and its essence to bring the sea home, so we can all reap the beautifying and healing benefits without having to brave the elements on a daily basis making it part of your daily skin care routine.

Below are just 12 ways in which seaweed’s vitamins and minerals can benefit your skin and your hair.

1. Vitamins & Minerals


An incredible blend of minerals and vitamins are found in seaweed, including B1, B2, B3, B6, E, H, K3, Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and many more. All of these help enrich your skin and keep it in great condition. Our skin absorbs seaweed right down to the epidermis to hydrate and nourish cells, harvesting the goodness from the sea, revitalising and invigorating our skin. Seaweed helps remove dead skin cells, hydrates the skin and then forms a protective barrier to keep it hydrated and conditioned.

Tip:     Aalgo Organic Seaweed either applied as a paste, or powder shaken into a bath for a long relaxing soak, allows your skin to absorb the energy and strength from the sea.

2. Anti-aging

The Anti-aging affect caused by seaweed is due to the immediate hydration seaweed has on the skin when applied as a facial. The seaweed tightens the skin cells and with its high level of vitamins, enriches the skins natural glow causing an anti-aging affect. Furthermore, the amino acids found in seaweed plump up your skin, improving its elasticity, smoothing out any fine lines for healthier, firmer skin.

Used in the bath it hydrates the entire body, seeing anti-aging results all over, for smoother and supple skin. 

Tip:  Aalgo powder mixed with water into a cream and applied as a facial 3 times a week for 5mins, will keep your skin glowing. Or soak in a luke warm Aalgo bath and feel fully refreshed with purified skin.

3. Cellulite


Clinically Cellulite is the name given to describe the deposits of fat and toxins trapped in pockets of connective tissue beneath the skin.

Seaweed wraps are used worldwide and are considered the most effective treatment for cellulite as the seaweed draws the body of toxins and heavy metals out of the body, helping with detoxification. After a wrap, the body feels contoured and the skin feels smoother and enriched.

Tip:  Mix Aalgo with hot water into a cream and use as a seaweed wrap. You’ll be ready for that summer holiday.

For best results, always drink 8 x glasses of still water in conjunction with the application of wraps daily. This maximises the detoxification process and assists in the breakdown of the fat cells causing the cellulite.

4. Acne and Unclogs Pores

Seaweed deep cleanses our skin and reduces the build-up of spots and acne. In drawing out the toxins it rids the skin of blackheads and stimulates the renewal of damaged skin cells, leaving a clear complexion, smooth texture, tone and overall improved appearance of the skin.

Tip:  Quick and easy 2 teaspoons of Aalgo powder mixed with water into a cream, apply as a facial for 5mins, 3 times a week, this will give you unbelievable results in three to four weeks.

5. Acne Rosacea

With all the nutrients and minerals held inside seaweed it naturally unclogs all those pores leaving your skin refreshed and clear. All black and white heads cleansed away.

Tip:   Aalgo mixed with water into a cream and applied as a facial for 5 mins daily will keep your pores cleared and cleansed and the redness at bay

6. Dry Skin

Our body’s absorb seaweed in its pure form through the pores and this rehydrates our skin naturally from within, also as a natural exfoliant organic seaweed gently sloughs away dead skin cells leaving your skin fully refreshed and hydrated.

Tip:  Soak in a luke warm Aalgo bath and feel the all over full hydration. 

For extremely dry skin apply Aalgo as a paste covering with cling film for about fifteen minutes and remove by soaking in a luke warm Aalgo bath.

7. Eczema

People who swim in the sea find an immediate relief from the symptoms of eczema, such as dry, sore, red, itchy, cracked and inflamed skin. Over a period of time, daily swimming in the sea clears the skin completely of eczema. This is now medically accepted and with the effective treatment of seaweed, you can also heal, soothe your skin and find relief from this stubborn and painful skin disorder.

 Tip:  Where you can, try to swim in clean seawater as this is such a powerful healer, but also use in conjunction with Aalgo as we have concentrated all the healing properties into our organic seaweed powder. This is a simple home alternative that works. Soak in a tepid Aalgo bath daily and feel it soothe away itchy dry skin.

Continue daily until the skin is soft and supple.

8. Baby Eczema

There are very few products we're comfortable in applying to our baby’s skin, especially when it is sore, red and very itchy. Organic seaweed soothes and alleviates the itch and exfoliates away the dry scaling skin very quickly

Tip:  Simply adding Aalgo organic seaweed to a tepid bath, soothes the skin, stops the itching, which helps that vicious circle of itch-scratch-itch allowing your babies skin to heal.  Use daily. No more sleepless nights

9. Detox

With Seaweed’s numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is an ideal product to include in your detoxification regime. Seaweed extracts toxins and expels them from the body. You are left with a luxurious feeling afterwards when your body is fully revitalised, refreshed and purified.

Tip: As suggested by ‘GAPS’ an Aalgo Organic Seaweed bath or facial assists in removing impurities from the system, drawing out all toxins and helps dispose of heavy metals.

Increase water consumption when detoxing.

10. Psoriasis

The sea is known, and the Dead Sea in particular for clearing the visible signs of Psoriasis, if continued for six weeks the results will last for a year or so. Because of its amazing exfoliating properties, seaweed works wonders on the treatment of Psoriasis, giving relief and descaling plaqued skin.

Tip:  Aalgo Organic Seaweed mixed with water into a cream and applied to the dry areas, exfoliates away the dry scaling. Follow this with daily bathing in a tepid Aalgo bath which reduces the red/purple blotches. Aalgo shampoo bar is amazing for the scalp.

 11. Cracked heels

As seaweed works as such a strong exfoliator, it does wonders for cracked heels on the soles of the feet. Not only that but will also soothe any aches and pains in the feet at the same time.

Tip:  Soak your feet in a tepid Aalgo footspa and enjoy the dead skin cells exfoliating away.

For extremely dry skin apply Aalgo as a paste covering with cling film, and a heavy sock, for about fifteen minutes and remove by soaking in a tepid Aalgo footspa.

 12. Alopecia

Seaweed contains high levels of silicon to renew skin cells as well as amino acids which stimulate follicles, encouraging hair growth. It also rehydrates and moisturises the current hair allowing it to shine.

Tip:  Mix Aalgo with warm water into a cream and apply all over the scalp and hair. Wrap in kitchen cling film, behind the ears, and leave on for half an hour. Wash out with Aalgo shampoo bar. Repeat this process every other day to see a visible improvement of your hair.


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Published July 2019



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