Six reasons why Aalgo is the best Halloween gift for any parent

Halloween gifts aren’t a thing right, and I don’t believe they should be, however sometimes this school break can be daunting on parents and children alike, so sometimes a friend of yours may need a little something different and extra special to help them through it.

If like me, you adore this season, all the leaves, the colours, the trick or treaters, and of course the incredible costumes, then you will be embracing it head on. Yes we have parties to organise, children to dress up, cakes to bake (possibly…eeek) houses to decorate, playdates to arrange, activities to think up and much, much more.

During this awesome holiday however, children and adults alike, who suffer with sensitive skin like eczema, can have a particularly tough time.

1. Autumn sees colder days and hotter homes.

As Autumn is well and truly in full swing, (it already feels like winter here) the central heating is back on and with it brings layers of clothing, woolly jumpers and thick tights. This is all necessary to keep away colds, flus and bugs, but it can make for red and itchy skin in return.

If it’s clothing that irritates the creases soak in an Aalgo bath, or have a luke warm, low pressure shower with our Seaweed soap will prevent skin breakouts for all the family. Central heating may cause visible irritation on the face also, so try out our Aalgo facial, to keep your skin at bay.

2. That Holiday Sleep pattern means sleepy, cranky skin for our little ones

We all try to maintain the term time sleep routine, but no matter how hard we try, with excitement for trick or treating, the many sleepovers with friends, or cousins, our little ones don’t get their usual healthy amount of sleep. For children with sensitive skin, lack of sleep can irritate it, and when children get very tired, they often then don’t sleep as well as usual.

An Aalgo bath before bedtime will ensure a fuller night’s sleep, calmer skin and reduced itch to aid that better sleep. Just 15-20mins does the trick and its full of treats!

3. Face paints bring scary skin reactions

Every child deserves the scariest or cutest fancy dress this Halloween, be it for a fancy-dress party or trick or treating, we know our kids will have face paints all over them and their friends, and why shouldn’t they?!

Face paints, even the gentlest ones, however can irritate sensitive skin and leave behind red, itchy, flaky skin. After removing their face décor, a splash around in an Aalgo bath will calm the skin, helping to immediately soothe and ease any irritation.

This is also great for adults with face paints on too, an Aalgo Facial cleanses the skin immediately afterwards. (You know you love the Hulk look)!

4. Sugar and Spice and all things nice…

‘Tis the season for parties, trick or treaters and sweets galore. No matter how hard we try sugar will be consumed, perhaps in abundance (even for us adults, right?!) and with that comes acne, spots, redness and eczema breakouts.

An Aalgo facial will keep yours, and your teenagers, pores unclogged and will deep cleanse the skin drawing out the toxins allowing for clearer skin. For our little ones, that splash around in an Aalgo bath will keep the eczema breakouts away and prevent any from arising a few days later.

5. Safe and sustainable for our precious little beings

With everything going on this season, it’s good to know your children will be bathing in a gentle, sustainable, organic product, which is of food quality so of no harm whatsoever.

It is so important to use products on our skin that is safe for us inside and out, as our skin absorbs it all.

That’s all any parent wants for their little ones, a safe environment for their children and themselves so try out an Aalgo bath to feel that extra special goodness. 

6. Selfcare is family care

Don’t let stress or skin get in the way of this family school break. Don’t worry about the routine being broken, all the planned playdates, or about bad eating habits sneaking in. Have the odd Aalgo bath when you can, lie back and relax and have a solid night’s sleep.

Every day will be a great one when you take a little bit of time to care for yourself – you deserve it, and so do your family!

So try it out now, either for yourself, or someone you think who could do with a hand, go to our shop here to find our products which we ship worldwide. 

Happy Halloween! 




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Published Oct 2019


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