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Aalgo have been providing seaweed products for over 20 years.  Aalgo seaweed powder is the same seaweed product in three different sized jars. 150g which contains about 14 face masks, 6 footspas or 3 baths. Our 600g jar contains 40 footspas or 55 paste hand therapies or 40 baby baths or a months treatment for cellulite / facials - we consider this an ideal trial size. Our 1kg jar contains 35 baths, 70 baby baths and if you buying 2 x 1kg works out as the best value option. View our seaweed products below.

35 baths or 70 baby baths or 20 body wraps
70 baths or 140 baby baths or 40 wraps
40 foot spas or 40 hand spas/55 paste hand treatments or 40 baby baths also the recommended size for rosacea
This handmade luxury olive oil and seaweed
Our handmade shampoo bar has been specifically designed for dry scalp, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and has been proven over the last few years to be hugely successful. Suitable for babies with CRADLE CAP. Vegan friendly.
Woofey is a unique very fine seaweed powder for dogs. Finely mixed containing 100% sea vegetables, this seaweed powder is especially for the benefit of domestic animals, (dogs and cats). Woofey contains no additives or preservatives whatsoever.