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Benefits of Seaweed - The Complete A-Z Guide


Seaweed kelp contains high levels of silicon to renew skin cells as well as amino acids which stimulate follicles, encouraging hair growth.

TIP: Mix Aalgo with water into a cream and apply all over the scalp and hair. Wrap in kitchen cling film and leave on for half an hour. Wash out with Aalgo shampoo bar.  Repeat this process every other day to see a visible improvement of your hair.


According to experts in Tokyo, placing a piece of seaweed over a cut or graze, then covering with a bandage, can help stop the bleeding faster.


Cellulite is the clinical term used to describe the orange peel effect on the skin. Cellulite (most commonly found on  the thigh/bottom area) is deposits of fat and toxins trapped in pockets of connective tissue beneath the skin. Seaweed penetrates these layers, shaking up the fatty tissue and boosting circulation to help expel the cellulite.                                                                        

TIP: Mix Aalgo with hot water and use as a seaweed wrap around cellulite prone areas.


Seaweed is an ideal product to include in your detoxification regime. Seaweed can extract toxins and expel them from the body.

TIP: Regular seaweed baths or seaweed face masks can remove impurities from the skin leaving it looking rejuvenated and rested.


The iodine contained in seaweed is a great treatment for dry skin conditions and eczema.

TIP: Use Aalgo seaweed powder in a LUKE WARM bath or add it to a foot spa or facial. 


Scientists in Japan believe seaweed can destroy the flu virus faster, and with fewer side effects, than current medicines.


Studies found that glaucoma patients reduced the pressure they felt in their eyes with a diet that’s high in beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and mineral selenium – seaweed contains all four.


Seaweed contains bioactive peptides which can lower blood pressure. By adding seaweed to your diet, you could warn off heart attacks and reduce the risk of other heart problems.


Seaweed helps to hydrate the skin thus providing relief from itching or flaking.

TIP: Aalgo provides a seaweed powder for use in a bath or foot spa to relieve these problems, or mixed with water into a cream for the face.


The fucoidans and polyphloroglucinols, which are natural anti-inflammatory and help with arthritic joints, are present in seaweed.                                                                       

TIP: Aalgo may be mixed with hot water and applied as a poultice or just added to a bath to relieve swelling and kill joint pain. Relief can last for up to 24hrs.


Seaweed in the diet (particularly in broth form) can improve the kidney’s filtration system and help it get rid of excess acid in the body.

People in Iceland enjoy one of the longest life expectancies in the world which many people believe is due to their love of dried seaweed. Seaweed helps absorb fat, leaving the body healthier overall.


A seaweed soak allows muscles to relax slowly, preventing burnout and injury.

TIP: Add Aalgo powder to your bath after a workout.


An upset stomach can often be the result of a deficiency in the body. Seaweed can help redress the balance, leaving the stomach feeling calm and regular.


Like oily fish, seaweed is a great source of Omega 3. A diet rich in fatty acids can fight dementia, cancer and heart disease.


People have been going to the Dead Sea for generations to relieve their psoriasis symptoms – now just do it at home with seaweed remedies.

TIP: Aalgo baths and or paste, will clear the visible signs of psoriasis.


Seaweed can improve and maintain the tone and strength of the quadriceps muscles in the body.


Scientists suggest that minerals within seaweed increase your libido, therefore putting you in the mood for sex.


Seaweed helps kill spots and rid the complexion of blackheads.                                                

TIP: Aalgo mixed with water into a cream and applied as a facial every other day will give you unbelievable results in three to four weeks.


Most of us hold stress in our bodies as tension in our neck, shoulders or back – the power of the sea in Aalgo can work therapeutic miracles on your muscles and mood.


Leg ulcers are both debilitating and very painful. Doctors treat ulcers with a type of dressing called ‘alginate’ made from seaweed.

TIP: Add Aalgo to a bucket of water. Sit with feet and lower leg in the water for 20 to 30 minutes. After, just pat the skin dry and sit with feet & legs raised.


Seaweed contains more vitamin C than an orange which means including it in your diet will ensure you’re looking after your tissue and organs.


Adding algae to a drink suppresses 30 percent of hunger pangs, according to Dutch scientists.


During dental X-rays, the body absorbs radioiodine into the thyroid gland and in some cases this can cause damage. But seaweed contains the mineral iodine which floods the thyroid gland and stops the uptake of radioiodine, reducing the impact of scans.


Seaweed which is the key to looking young is used in a myriad of anti-ageing products but in a very diluted form.                                             Aalgo which is 100% seaweed powder used as a facial and bath will keep your skin looking youthful, fresh and firm.


Seaweed, particularly brown seaweed, has been proven to reduce breakouts and prevent acne. Reducing redness and removing bacteria from the skin is just one of the many benefits of seaweed.

Seaweed Powder for Dogs – Introducing Woofey from Aalgo

Woofey - Seaweed Powder for Dogs

Woofey is a unique very fine seaweed powder for dogs.  Finely mixed containing 100% sea vegetables, this seaweed powder is especially for the benefit of domestic animals, (dogs and cats).  Woofey contains no additives or preservatives whatsoever.

Seaweed Powder for Dogs - Woofey from Aalgo

The sea vegetables used are very sensitive to pollution and are therefore watched very closely and harvested in the cleanest waters in the world – the areas from which they originate are changed by the company from time to time as we hear of any pollution problem which may effect the vegetables.  Quality being of the utmost importance. 

The drying technique used is unique not allowing any surface oxidation and differing from other drying methods particles from engine combustion can carry through the air into the product. Woofey seaweed powder for dogs is dried at a mild temperature, only takes a few hours as a result it retains all organic and biologically active substances intact.

It is then powdered and packed.  Organic certification confirms that the strictest international standards for sustainability, separation of the raw material, traceability of product and contamination control at all stages of the production are fulfilled.

Seaweed Powder for Dogs - Benefits

Woofey contains all minerals and trace elements soluble in the sea, and essential to living beings. Vitamins, amino acids, protein and other bioactive compounds.  Thus ensuring that your dog receives all essential nutritive substances in a way that contributes to its good health.

One of the biggest benefits of feeding Woofey seaweed powder for dogs is that its stops coat permanently casting. Stops itching and clears skin conditions. Helps return skins pigmentation especially in boxers. Lactating bitches helps to strengthen puppies bones, increases amount of milk. For gun dogs and racing dogs helps stamina and prevents dehydration.

Woofey Client Testimonial

“Talking to the owner of Woofey I explained I had a terrible problem with our new puppy Rottweiler who had so many hot spots on her feet which were getting worse each month.  I outlined I had taken her to the vet and all the creams, injections offered had been no use.  She would bite her feet all the time (daily) we spent so much money of creams, lotions and anything else we heard could help. 

 I was then advised that Woofey would help with this problem as by now her paws were just full of red raw patches and we were worried it would turn sceptic.  So as advised I put half a teaspoon in her food every night.  Over the next few weeks we noticed the skin condition improving.  We still had to bandage her feet up some days, but the skin was healing and eventually I am sure the fur will start to grow back. 

I have now been using this for well over 8 weeks and am amazed at the results.  The bald patches on her feet are now healing wonderfully.  The skin is no longer raw and bleeding and starting to turn black (back to her normal skin colour).  I would never have thought this would help with such a common issue with Rottweiler’s.  I would never be without my Woofey as it has been a life saver for our puppy.  I have also noticed that her coat is gleaming and she looks absolutely gorgeous.  Just a few dark patches on her feet but compared to what they were Woofey has been our little miracle.  

I will continue to use this on my puppy as it helps with skin issues and also keeps her coat looking fabulous.  I would never have thought of putting this in her food but it has saved me £100’s of pounds on vet bills.”  Becky Taylor, UK

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