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Blog posts of '2014' 'April'

How it all began Sea Fresh - Aalgo

Hello we would like to introduce ourselves we are Tom, Sandra and our son Richard founders and owners of Aalgo powdered, wild, organic seaweed with nothing added and nothing taken away.

We launched as “Sea Fresh” in 1993 in the RDS Dublin and the launch was a resounding success. This was followed by putting the product into health shops and chemists throughout Ireland.

We then set sale to our first show in the UK which was the Ideal Homes Show in Earlscourt – quite a show to start into the UK with!!! but we survived and made a lot of friends, and followed on in the UK by doing the Royal Shows in England, Gatcombe Park and Burghley Horse Trials and the CLA.  We then expanded and did all the Rainbow Fair Crafts with the late Connie Duckworth these were fantastic as they were all held in the grounds of stately homes and were attended by people from all over the UK in their tens of thousands. During the school holidays at this stage our daughters used to come with us and very soon learnt the skill of talking to everybody and selling.

By the mid nineties we were doing every show in Earlscourt, Olympia and the Business Design Centre in London, all the exhibitions in the NEC in Birmingham and the SECC in Glasgow. We also did the craft fairs in Guernsey and Jersey and it was here that we set up our fully ecommerce website in 2000 and changed the name of the product to “Aalgo” we did this because in those days (Google was only one year old) the internet was done by alphabetical order hence the two A’s. At this stage we withdrew Aalgo from the retail trade and still only supply directly to the consumer online or through a small network of therapists most especially GAPS therapists World Wide.

By now we had five teams out all over the UK - Tom did one show Ricki did another we had two other people doing shows and myself and a team in Ireland - this is how we got, firstly the product launched and secondly got the website out there. It was hard work but great fun and we really got to know first hand what people thought of Aalgo.

The feed back we got was invaluable and helped us to give instructions for use that customers found really worked - example mix Aalgo with natural yogurt for scalp psoriasis.  We would never have thought of this but a customer did about 15 years ago – so it is really tried and tested at this stage.

To those many loyal customers who have been with us since the start we say a “big thank you”.  

As 2014 is our 21st year in business - we have lots of new ideas coming on stream from May.